Concrete Flatwork Construction and Repair

Concrete construction makes a landscape more functional for outdoor living, dining and relaxing, turning any average yard into a functional, livable space. Adding a concrete patio prevents guests from trampling the grass when you are entertaining outdoors.


At Custom Outdoor Designs, we consider ourselves master concrete contractors. From concrete basketball courts to pool decks to patios, concrete construction elevates the outdoor aesthetic of any home.


Concrete no longer has to be a simple gray surface. With innovative techniques we can easily create stunning designs and patterns for any property. If you’re interested in creating a concrete patio, sidewalk or driveway, call Custom Outdoor Designs today!


We proudly serve the greater mid-Missouri area including Clark, Columbia, Moberly, Jefferson City, Sedalia, Fulton and Mexico.


The Custom Outdoor Design team also specializes in commercial concrete flatwork. If you are a contractor and need sidewalks, commercial parking lots or driveways paved or repaired, we can help.

Driveway Repair

Over time, many concrete surfaces become damaged due to weather or regular use. While these might not appear to be huge problems, those small damages can easily become a huge issue for homeowners. It’s always best to repair small, damaged areas as soon as you notice a crack or dip in the concrete’s structure. This way a small hole turn won’t turn into a bigger problem such as an entirely broken sidewalk, driveway or parking lot.


Flatwork usually involves laying a concrete patio, driveway or sidewalk. However, the final product is not always as “flat” as it sounds. There are many options you can choose from to make your surface look textured or patterned. With these variations, you have the option of making your outdoor areas more personalized and unique to your home’s style.


Are you ready to install a patio for your summer BBQs? Call Custom Outdoor Designs today! Our team of expert concrete contractors have the know-how to build the perfect patio for you, your home and your guests. Our team focuses on concrete construction with the ability to last! With every step of construction, we’re aiming to design a beautiful structure that compliments your home’s design while remaining safe, sturdy and functional.

Whether you’re installing a patio or a parking lot, we’re ready to help you with your concrete construction project.