Deck Design

Custom Deck Design and Remodeling

At Custom Outdoor Designs, our favorite time of year is when the whole family can be outside relaxing and spending time together. By adding a deck to your home’s exterior, you increase its value and provide an outdoor living space for your family to enjoy. In recent decades, decks have grown into an extension of the home with TVs, lounging areas, firepits and more.


Wood construction materials have advanced, providing more choices for you and your home! Now, you can choose between either wood or composite material when building a new deck for your home. Wood is the most common option, but recently composite wood materials have seen a rise in popularity due to it being a more affordable alternative.


We proudly serve the greater mid-Missouri area including Clark, Columbia, Moberly, Jefferson City, Sedalia, Fulton and Mexico.


The Custom Outdoor Designs team will help you choose the right material for your home. Whether it’s natural wood or composite wood, we will make sure your deck is built to withstand summer BBQs and any weather condition, equally.



Composite decks, also known as synthetic decks, are an increasingly popular alternative to wood. The shift in design and choice of material stems from the material’s ability to withstand the elements and its affordable price point.


Composite decking materials are a mix of recycled plastic and wood fibers. Their unique construction prevents splitting or cracking as the wood ages. Another huge benefit to choosing composite decking is color choice. With composite, you can paint your deck any color you would like!  


Similar to any deck, you will need to perform minor maintenance tasks like cleaning off mold and mildew. But with composite decks, you’ll never have to worry about refinishing it.



There is something to be said for a classic, American, wooden deck. A wooden deck simply makes your house feel more like home! Wood decks are always a popular choice in Mid-Missouri because of the use of natural wood and warm aesthetic.


Wood decks do require more maintenance, as resurfacing and sanding are required every few years – but, wood deck construction is breathtaking.


Call Custom Outdoor Designs today if you have your heart set on a custom wood deck!

Call Custom Outdoor Designs today if you have your heart set on a custom, wood deck!