Excavation & Drainage Solutions

Excavation may be a scary term for some; but, at Custom Outdoor Designs, our goal is to ease the tension caused by the reputation of excavation through effective communication and explanation of the process.


Our mid-Missouri climate tends to be pretty mild, but when the dry season or heavy rain seasons come through, they leave a damaging impact on your home or property, sometimes making excavation necessary.


We proudly serve the greater mid-Missouri area including Clark, Columbia, Moberly, Jefferson City, Sedalia, Fulton and Mexico.


Excavation isn’t a one-size-fits-all project. Each landscape and property requires a unique approach to ensure ongoing success. Custom Outdoor Designs is dedicated to making sure all erosion projects are completed on time and finished to the highest standard.

Erosion Control

At Custom Outdoor Designs, we’re dedicated to preventing or controlling water erosion on your property through innovative techniques and construction practices. Our effective erosion control services can prevent surface runoff, water pollution, soil loss and more.


Erosion control is vital to the success of your excavation project! Don’t allow an inexperienced landscaper to handle your property or investment. Call our team today!

Drainage Tiles

If you are having landscape drainage problems or erosion control issues, drain tiles could be the perfect fix to your annoying problem. Don’t let the hard work you’ve invested into your lawn and gardens get ruined after a hard rain due to uncontrolled drainage.  Our drain solutions redirect water to stop it from ruining your landscape and start helping it, instead.


Why is excavation necessary?

Excavation is the process of moving large amounts of earth to improve the quality, health and overall aesthetic of a lawn or property. At Custom Outdoor Designs, we understand the idea of an excavation project can be intimidating. However, our excavation team uses state-of-the-art equipment and training to effectively complete your excavation project.

Why do I need to hire a professional landscaping company for my excavation?

When an excavation project is properly completed, your lawn should be self-sufficient – successfully managing drainage problems and providing a safe, level surface for you to enjoy. If the excavation project fails, you run the risk of having standing water in your yard or water flowing towards your home.
Don’t trust an excavation project to an inexperienced landscaping company, call Custom Outdoor Designs – we’re here to solve problems!

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