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Softscapes and Hardscapes Custom-Designed for Your Yard



Take your lawn to the next level with Custom Outdoor Designs! Our team of master gardeners provides expert insight for your home’s lawn, flower beds and gardens.
The team at Custom Outdoor Designs is dedicated to providing you with quality lawn service capable of withstanding the test of time and Mother Nature! Our goal is to improve your home’s curb appeal while remaining within your budget.


We proudly serve the greater mid-Missouri area including Clark, Columbia, Moberly, Jefferson City, Sedalia, Fulton and Mexico.

Below are short descriptions of a few of our landscape design services:

Softscapes: Softscape lawn design services are focused on elements with a lifespan like soil, plants, shrubs, trees, flowers, vegetables, vines and more.

Here’s a Custom Outdoor Designs tip: Learn what climate zone is best for your home’s landscape. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Mid-Missouri typically falls between zones 6b, 6a and 5b. It’s vital to plant according to the proper zone for the landscape design to be successful!

Hardscapes: Hardscape designs stay the same for years on end and include rocks, sidewalks, retaining walls, paver patios and more.

Retaining Walls: Does your yard need extra support to keep the soil or earth from eroding towards your home? Then a retaining wall may be the answer! Retaining walls have a basic function to keep soil in place. However, retaining walls are no longer utilitarian and can be designed to be a beautiful addition to your home’s landscape and exterior.

Excavation: Sometimes, to achieve the best landscape design, we need to roll up our sleeves for an excavation project. Excavation requires our team to move large amounts of soil to solve drainage problems or to improve your landscaping aesthetic.

Let us help you create your dream design. Give us a call today to get started.


Why should I choose a professional landscaping company for my hardscape project?

The landscape designers at Custom Outdoor Designs in Columbia, MO can create beautiful hardscapes to maintain your lawn’s integrity as well as compliment your house’s exterior. Our variety of custom outdoor concrete construction projects, such as paving a new sidewalk or building a retaining wall, are designed so form meets function and elevates the curb appeal of your home.

What benefit does a landscaping company provide for a softscape?

Our professional landscaping team has the knowledge needed to design a successful softscape for your property. With years of experience in landscaping, the Custom Outdoor Designs team will plant the right trees, flowers, shrubs and perennials in conjunction with our Mid-Missouri climate zone. Plus, softscapes and plants bring a landscape to life – giving your property color and sophistication. Our softscape designs offer:

  • Design Flower Beds
  • Mulching – delivery, spreading & bulk drop off
  • Flower, Shrub & Tree Planting Services
  • Low Voltage Landscape Lighting
Softscape design Columbia, MO


When you’re dealing with ongoing landscape drainage problems, the water runoff can be frustrating and hard to manage. Excavation may seem like a scary, last resort filled with a lot of unknown results.

Our team srives to ensure you are knowledgeable about every step of the excavation process. Additionally, we work hard to complete all excavation projects on time and on budget. Our goal is to communicate with you every step of the way!

When it comes to a large project, like excavation, experience is key. You can rely on Custom Outdoor’s experience to get the job done right.


How do I know if I need a professional landscaping company to build my retaining wall?

Retaining walls serve as a barrier between your home and eroding soil. If you leave your foundation exposed to moving earth you could expose your home to irrevocable damage. With today’s accessibility to tips and tutorials, a lot of homeowners have installed retaining walls without the advice of a professional. Here are a few things to consider before starting a retaining wall DIY:

HOW TALL IS YOUR RETAINING WALL? If you’re going to build a wall higher than 4 feet, you may want to check with your city before you go too far. Most municipalities require a homeowner to have a building permit and design from a licensed engineer if your wall exceeds a certain height. Additionally, building a tall structure without the proper equipment is dangerous.

WILL THERE BE CARS PARKED NEAR THE RETAINING WALL? Your home could be damaged if vehicles are parked on or near a poorly-built retaining wall. You should always consult a professional when a retaining wall needs to support vehicle parking or a heavy snow load.

HOW WILL YOUR RETAINING WALL MANAGE DRAINAGE? The ability for your retaining wall to perform depends on a properly-installed drainage system. In fact, faulty drainage is the leading cause of retaining wall failure. If you have questions about drainage tiles, give us a call!

How do I choose the right retaining wall?

There are so many benefits to adding a retaining wall to your home. Despite the obvious use, providing extra support to prevent erosion, retaining walls can often add a beautiful design element to your home’s exterior.

At Custom Outdoor Designs, we offer three different types of retaining walls:

  • Belvedere
  • Versa-Lok
  • RosettA