Retaining Walls

Concrete Flatwork Construction and Repair

Retaining walls are rigid walls used to support large masses of soil. If you’re home’s terrain is slipping towards the house, you face a lot of foundational and water problems. Additionally, most insurances will not cover exterior issues caused by slipping soil.

Trust the construction of your home’s retaining wall(s) to Custom Outdoor Designs! Our team has the knowledge to effectively design, construct and maintain retaining walls across the Mid-Missouri region. If you’re looking for a landscaping service near you, call Custom Outdoor Designs today!

We proudly serve the greater mid-Missouri area including Clark, Columbia, Moberly, Jefferson City, Sedalia, Fulton and Mexico.

Retaining wall blocks hand-picked to fit the personality of your property

One of the biggest concerns when building a retaining wall is choosing the right blocks. At Custom Outdoor Designs, we will walk alongside you in the early construction phases of a retaining wall to ensure your investment looks beautiful while it sustains your home’s integrity.

Retaining Wall Construction


How do I know if I need a professional landscaping company to build my retaining wall?

Retaining walls serve as a barrier between your home and eroding soil. If you leave your foundation exposed to moving earth you could expose your home to irrevocable damage. With today’s accessibility to tips and tutorials, a lot of homeowners have installed retaining walls without the advice of a professional. Here are a few things to consider before starting a retaining wall DIY:

  1. HOW TALL IS YOUR RETAINING WALL?: If you’re going to build a wall higher than 4 feet, you may want to check with your city before you go too far. Most municipalities require a homeowner to have a building permit and design from a licensed engineer if your wall exceeds a certain height. Additionally, building a tall structure without the proper equipment is dangerous.
  2. WILL THERE BE CARS PARKED NEAR THE RETAINING WALL? Your home could receive a lot of damage if vehicles are parked on or near a poorly built retaining wall. You should always consult a professional when a retaining wall needs to support vehicle parking or a heavy snow load.
  3. HOW WILL YOUR RETAINING WALL MANAGE DRAINAGE? The ability for your retaining wall to perform depends on a properly installed drainage system. In fact, faulty drainage is the leading cause of retaining wall failure. If you have questions about drainage tiles, call Custom Outdoor Designs today!

How do I get rid of standing water in my yard?


One of the most common questions we get from clients is, ‘How do I get rid of standing water in my yard?’. The Custom Outdoor Designs skilled landscaping design team has the knowledge to solve your yard’s drainage problems. Drain tiles can be the perfect fix for this annoying problem! At Custom Outdoor Designs, our drains can redirect water, so drainage problems stop ruining your landscape and start helping it flourish.

Contact one of our expert landscape designers if you are nervous about choosing the right retaining wall for your home – we’re here to help!