Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming is essential to a tree’s health and your family’s safety. Not only does maintaining the health of your trees keep you and your family safe from falling branches, but it also helps the tree’s overall health and beauty, often giving you more flowers and fruit after the trim.

Keep your trees safe and beautiful with professional tree trimming service from Custom Outdoor. Give us a call to get started!

Here at Custom Outdoor Designs, we make sure that your trees are well maintained with our quick, quality tree-trimming service. From our free consultation and assessment to our high-tech on-site equipment, we make sure that we remove branches from your tree without harming the structure of the trunk with foot spikes or other climbing tools. By implementing protective measures, your tree is better able to flourish for years to come.


Tree branches can be a liability, especially if you have a commercial business where power lines are obstructed. Roof damage can be expensive and removing damaged branches helps to ensure your safety. Our professionals work quickly and use various saws to get the job done right. A professional is essential in trimming your trees so that the dead and damaged branches don’t fall on you or your neighbor’s homes.


Here at Custom Outdoor Designs we use our bucket truck to reach the branches that you cannot, and we will discard of trimmed branches on the spot in our chipper and shredder so that you don’t have to. We will also grind the tree’s stump down if needed and remove it so that your lawn looks as great as it did before. Not to mention, it will be safe for you and your family to enjoy your yard again.


Ensure the safety of your home, family and business and give us a call today!